Marc BauerпїЅs work could be summed up as a series of images that recreate scenes from personal memory

Marc BauerпїЅs work could be summed up as a series of images that recreate scenes from personal memory

Cries of the Geese, 2004

Marc Bauer and Sanjo Mokotow-Den Hartog
I imagine a living room prepared for a party, I imagine my gaze floating in this living room. I see all the glasses on the table forming a perfect triangle, the white tablecloth on the table, all the bottles of red and white wine, the silver ice bucket with champagne, the beautiful vases filled with flowers, some white orchids on the different tables and some massive silver candelsticks. And this very charming jazzy music. I imagine some plates with finger food and my gaze is turning around the glasses, the flowers, the bottles, in a very slow and smooth movement. The living room is empty. Now I can easily imagine the kind of people who would be there for the party, well dressed, excessively charming and polite. My gaze is still floating in this room, nothing has changed but certain objects start to explode, like from themselves, spontenaously. (Yes.) It started with some glasses, and then some plates. My gaze is still floating indifferent. Everything seems to explode slowly in a very soft way, the movement of these explosions is totally hypnotic. The entire room becomes a real mess.

There is this living room, and it’s about a party.
There is this living room where everything is set for a party. There are the glasses forming perfect pyramids, the silver plates with finger food, all the bottles ready to be opened and served, a lot of flowers on different tables, some white orchids in white porcelain pots, a white tablecloth.

There is also me telling a story.
A story about a mass-killing. In fact how and why everybody died at this party. I will be on a bed, maybe this one or another one, just saying this story. The image will be a bit like this one but more detailed.
Like now, me sitting on a bed telling a story.


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