Lizparker | (DOG)SPIRED

Lizparker | (DOG)SPIRED

Lizparker | (DOG)SPIRED

Elizabeth was born and raised in New York and it is there where she started her career in writing fifteen years ago. Part of her job description included the creation of technical manuals and teaching others the fine art of using a computer.

During that time, she realized that she enjoyed the writing and creative portion of her job function more than any other aspect.

Since then, she has been writing a variety of genres, including memoirs, short stories and horror.

“As an avid dog lover, I volunteer for a few dog rescue organizations, as well as donate a portion of the proceeds from all of my books to some that I strongly believe in.

Ordinarily,I love to read the thriller/horror genre and have been noted to have somewhat of a “dark” mind. For years, I have had all of these story ideas floating around, taking up space and finally have decided to put them down on paper, hence producing books of the thriller genre, “Unwanted Dreams,” Evil’s Door and “Phobia.”

Elizabeth lives in Las Vegas, NV with her husband, their two beautiful golden retrievers and duck tolling retriever and the wonderful, loving memories of their golden retriever, Buddy.


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