Month: January 2018

The ABCs of Healthy Fruits (Part Two)

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Fruits are great cures for what ails you. There are many fruits that you can use; this article takes a look at only a few of them. The fuzzy brown exterior of the kiwi fruit gives way to a bright green interior which is an excellent cancer fighter. Kiwis contain a lot of vitamin C […]

Acid reflux diseases and its successive symptoms can force you to suffer through the traumatic situations like persistent heart burn, uneasiness after taking food, a disturbed sleep and in some cases the degree of heart burn may reach at a level where the victim may misunderstand it as the heart stroke. The serious inconveniences caused […]

Copyright (c) 2012 Scott McKinney, MS As America continues to expand its technology and wealth, so too does the waistline of its people. The obesity epidemic in the United States is one that continues to increase at a dangerous rate. It cannot be blamed entirely on that of the fast food industry; but this industry […]

How Stress Is Adding Inches To Your Waist

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These days were grown accustomed to warning labels advising us to the health risks of substances like alcohol and cigarettes. Medical researchers speculate that another component of twenty-first century living also warrants a waning: stress. In recent years, an ever-growing number of studies have implied stress as a culprit in a range of medical problems. […]

Do you think that there is a smoker somewhere that hasn’t been told the dangers of smoking? There seems to be a continual program in the press, TV and radio that expose the consequences from cigarette smoking. People still insist on smoking after watching or listening to these anti-smoking campaigns. It would be ignorant if […]

3 Popular Colon Cancer Treatments

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Colon cancer (also known as bowel cancer or colorectal cancer) is any cancer that affects the final part of the digestive system (usually the colon or rectum). It starts of as a polyp (fleshy growth) in the colon which then becomes cancerous and starts to multiply uncontrollably. Bowel cancer is believed to cause over 16,000 […]

Is Resveratrol the key to longer living?

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An amazing revelation in the scientific world has displayed a substance in red grapes and thus red wine, is attributed to increasing life span. The compound called resveratrol could eliminate the need for harmful anti aging chemical and surgical treatments. For years the French have been unknowingly benefitting from resveratrol, by consuming red wine. Now […]

Power To Heal

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Hickman catheter is the intravenous catheter having several lumens is mostly in chemotherapy (treatment of cancer with cytotoxic anti-neoplastic drugs), apheresis, dialysis and withdrawal of blood from vessels. Hickman line is mostly used when intervenes access is required for a long period because it has to ability to remain in a particular place for a […]