Common Genital Warts Myths Busted and Their True Positions Established

Common Genital Warts Myths Busted and Their True Positions Established

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Genital warts, by their very nature, are among the problems that are most rarely discussed. When they do get discussed, the discussion is usually carried out ‘tongue-in-cheek’ and in hushed voices. Consequently, most of the information many of us have on genital warts is badly distorted, and mostly made up of the myths they have picked up ‘here and there’ about the condition.

One of the most commonly held myths about genital warts is the one to the effect that genital warts are only spread through sexual intercourse. The true position here, however, is that while sexual intercourse is indeed the commonest medium through which genital warts are spread, it is NOT the only medium for genital warts spread. Sharing items personal effects like towels with people who are suffering from genital warts can also quite easily cause their spread.

Another common myth about genital warts is that they only affect women. The true position here is that genital warts affect both men and women; but tend to be more openly manifest in women. Nonetheless, genital warts on a man can be equally – if not more – distressing as the genital warts on women in the fullness of time.

Another commonly held myth about genital warts, one that tends to make them appear more vicious than they really are is the one to the effect that they are the cause of cervical cancer. Now while there is an established correlation between genital warts and cervical cancer, it is important to note that correlation does not always amount to causation. Moreover, conclusive studies have shown that although the two conditions are caused by the same type of virus (called the Human Papilloma Virus – HPV), they are in fact caused by different strains of the virus, so that if you have been diagnosed with genital warts, it doesn’t automatically and conclusively mean that you will eventually suffer from cervical cancer; a much more deadly condition.

Then there is the assertion that ‘a single incidence of genital warts automatically and conclusively translates to lifelong recurrences’ of the condition, as yet another commonly held myth about genital warts. The true position here, however, is that while some people do suffer from lifelong recurrences; the natural immune systems of the majority of the people who get infected with genital warts do eventually find a way to master the condition, so that while the sufferer may indeed live for the rest of his or her life with the human Papilloma Virus behind the condition, they may never suffer any other actual incident of the disease again.

Busting such myths about genital warts is important for a number of reasons. For one, when people get to know the truth, they do also tend to get empowered by it towards taking positive action. Having such true positions can, in addition, make the difference between the break-up of an otherwise healthy relationship and its continuity. This is the situation like where one party happens to suspect the other for promiscuity in response to a case of genital warts, for instance – and where the suspecting party comes to learn that genital warts are not only spread sexually.


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