Organic Hair Color in Cleveland

Organic Hair Color in Cleveland

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Hair dye ingredients have long been the cause of much debate when it comes to which ingredients are the biggest risk factors to health. It isn’t easy to avoid all the ingredients there is doubt about when you are seeking to permanently and/or drastically change your hair color. Quite a number of permanent hair dyes contain PPD (p-phenylenediamine), which is an ingredient that has raised health questions. PPD is the reason many people have allergic reactions when dying their hair and cancer also has been linked to it according to beauty consultant and Naturally Healthy Hair author, Mary Beth Janssen.

For those who want to color their hair but find the chemicals in widely available dyes and highlighting treatments too harsh, a new crop of products promises to do the trick without causing allergic reactions or other health problems. While green-friendly permanent hair dyes still require some of these chemicals–such as ammonia, peroxide, p-Phenylenediamine or diaminobenzene in order to be effective, alternatives do exist that contain smaller amounts…

Superior to hair dyes that are ammonia-based and void of the displeasurable side effects, Organic Color Systems permanent hair coloring products can only be found in professional hair styling salons. The range of Organic Color Systems’ products includes colors, lighteners, concentrates and activators. There is also a hair care line of products that are salon only that can be used in addition to the range of colors for repairing damaged hair. Organic hair color has many benefits. What you don’t get are fumes, ammonia, hair damage, burning and itching, banding, brassing, hot roots, sulfates, plastics, parabens, animal products and animal testing. What you do get is just beautiful, healthy hair.

Meanwhile, temporary dyes and highlight treatments should be able to color hair without the need for harsh chemicals. Naturcolor and Vegetel are shorter-lived options that do not contain any damaging chemicals, although their effect will only last a few washes.

A temporary dye that is completely natural is henna. It has been known at least since Cleopatra and been used for dying hair and skin for a few thousand years. It is made by crushing the leaves of the Lawsonia desert shrub into powder. As a maker of hair treatments of pure organic ingredients, Rainbow Henna has hair colors that range from black to blonde and all the colors in between. Light Mountain caters to those who are more comfortable with the more familiar home hair dye kits. These hair products are readily available in nearby shops for natural beauty and health supplies. Other products, such as Organic Color Systems, might only be found to be available in hair salons.

People who were looking for a good reason to stop using their usual hair dyes in favor of milder natural choices now have that reason due to the release of recent studies. In 1994, the National Cancer Institute released a report that has shown there is higher risk of cancers like non-Hodgkins lymphoma and multiple myeloma from the use of the darker range of hair dyes, such as dark brown or black over long periods of time. The International Journal of Cancer conducted a study in 2001 that found twice the incidences of bladder cancer in people who used permanent hair dye than in people who used no hair dyes at all.


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