Colon Cleansing Improved My Life

Colon Cleansing Improved My Life

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I know others regard me as sceptical, but I prefer to think of myself as a rational person. I like to look at things from a scientific perspective and to base my decisions upon proper evidence, which is sadly lacking regarding some of the claims made for ‘colon cleansing’ therapies. I don’t believe toxins actually accumulate in the gut or that food decomposes there as some manufacturers claim. I also have grave doubts about the claims regarding reduction in rates of colon cancer, although I can understand that the beneficial lifestyle changes that normally accompany the use of these products could reduce the chance of cancer. I’m not a doctor, but I do work in a department where clinical evidence is taken very seriously and I am unaware of any successful clinical trials of colon cleansers. It would be foolish, however to ignore the thousands of customers who claim to have had life-changing results from these products. That’s where I’d have left it if circumstances hadn’t changed for the worse.

At 38, life was was pretty good. I really enjoyed living in Scotland and had a great (non clinical) job at the hospital in the City. Even better, I got to spend a lot of free time at the gym, dancing, swimming, diving and birdwatching. I wouldn’t claim to be very fit, but, to get fit to dive I had put a lot of effort into fitness and had lost a lot of weight. I could walk for miles and miles, up and down quite steep gradients without needing to stop and rest. I was also getting the odd admiring glance now and again. As a divorcee with an eye on the future, that really pleased me.

My bowel habit, however had been causing me a bit of discomfort and concern with irregularity and constipation. bloating had also reared its ugly head. As luck would have it, it always seemed to come on when I had a diving trip planned or had arranged to go out dancing. I found myself feeling uncharacteristically grouchy and lethargic.

That was when my dive buddy convinced me to give colon cleansing a go. He claimed to have had good results with a commercial colon cleansing product. He had an ulterior motive in that he needed me as a buddy, but we’d been good friends for a while and he soon overcame my objections against my better judgment. I decided to give the colon cleanser a trial. Nothing happened for the first three or four days, but he kept encouraging me to persist with it. It was kind of weird to have these conversations with a guy, but we’d become very close. Anyway, on the fourth or fifth day, something fairly dramatic happened. It was fortuitous that I wasn’t at the office! The results were quite spectacular. I really don’t want to get into a poo-based discussion, but I was quite shocked at the quantity and quality of what was removed.

It didn’t take long for things to stabilise and I soon found myself in the blissful position of having a completely normal bowel habit. The other dramatic result was the elimination of bloating. It COULD have been a total coincidence that the bloating stopped at the same time, but I’d made no other changes to my diet or lifestyle. I also seem to have mislaid about five pounds in weight with no other rational explanation for the loss. Did I start to exhibit boundless energy? No, but it sure was nice not to feel constipated and bloated all the time. The parasite issue is a bit more convincing now that I’ve read about clinical trials with probiotic yoghurt with the aim of displacing lethal C. difficile bacteria. There could well be other bowel cleansers out there that work as well and I would certainly advise anyone experiencing any change to their bowel habit to go and see their doctor as a matter of urgency. What I can tell you is that the product worked and changed my life for the better.


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