Generic Temoside Medicine To Cure Brain Cancer

Generic Temoside Medicine To Cure Brain Cancer

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Generic Temoside is a medication used to recover people from a dreadful disease known as brain cancer. Brain cancer is a dangerous disease which can result to slow death. It is manufactured by cipla ltd and is available in the strengths of 20 mg, 100 mg and 250 mg. it is a standard, chemotherapy treatment used to treat brain tumors in person of all people of all age groups (children, adults, and older people). The main ingredient used inside this medicine is ‘temozolomide’, which are used in adequate quantity. The important features of this medicine consists of- gelling agent, adequate PH level, soluble in ethanol and methanol, and accurate composition. Cancers that are caused in the brain are referred to brain cancer. It is the continuous formation and division of abnormal cells that are multiplied and are spread to various parts of the bodies, which further weakens the tissues. After weakening the healthy tissues, such tissues are damaged if not taken any action to treat such uncontrollable division of abnormal cells. This may lead to many more health disorders which can even cause death when this process goes to the final stage. Generic Temoside medicine blocks such formation of cancer cells from multiplying it.

This medication is not suitable for the use of women who are pregnant. Even it is advised that its usage should be ignored by women who are breastfeeding because it can cause problem for the unborn child. Such women who are taking treatment using this medicine and who are already involved in sexual intercourse should take contraception method to prevent her from getting pregnant. It is important to consult the doctor before taking any possible action to assure safety. It is also suggested to be used this medication in people who are elder, and who have health problems related to the body organs such as- liver or kidney. It can cause many side-effects from which some can be permanent and life-threatening, whereas other can be temporary and such patient don’t need to worry about it. side effects include-

* Weakness,
* Rashes,
* Loss of hair,
* Loss of appetite,
* Weight loss,
* Constipation,
* Muscles or joint pain,
* Problems when hearing,
* Sleepiness,
* Confusion,
* Difficulties while sleeping,
* Concentration problem,
* Increase in blood sugar levels,
* Skin reactions that can irritate,
* Swelling of ankles or legs,
* Abdominal pain,
* Trouble while swallowing,
* Fever,
* Shivering, and
* Dizziness.

The reason of why it has been advised to consult doctor before its use and even after its use because there are possibilities that it won’t only decrease the number of blood cells but may also decrease the healthier or normal blood cells. Decreasing the count of blood cells (red blood cells and white blood cells) may increase the chances of anemia and other infections.


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