When people consider quitting a smoking habit, they sometimes turn to cigars, even though they really are not a good replacement. The concept of rolled tobacco that is breathed in through the mouth is the same in these instances. The taste is very different, however, and cigars are not meant to be breathed all the […]

Organic Hair Color in Cleveland

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Hair dye ingredients have long been the cause of much debate when it comes to which ingredients are the biggest risk factors to health. It isn’t easy to avoid all the ingredients there is doubt about when you are seeking to permanently and/or drastically change your hair color. Quite a number of permanent hair dyes […]

Genital warts, by their very nature, are among the problems that are most rarely discussed. When they do get discussed, the discussion is usually carried out ‘tongue-in-cheek’ and in hushed voices. Consequently, most of the information many of us have on genital warts is badly distorted, and mostly made up of the myths they have […]

Have you used a natural colon cleanse supplement before? Cancers and tumors today seem to be gripping the population at an increasing pace. While there is no proven cure developed for the condition as yet, certain health foods claim to be a cure for the deadly disease. Whether these claims are true or not needs […]

Mirena is the levorotatory form of a synthetic progestational agent used as an oral or sub-dermal contraceptive. It is used mainly in oral contraceptives and morning-after pills. It is available as Intrauterine system and tablet form. Women allergic to Mirena and its ingredients should be careful during iud removal surgery. Pregnant women and lactating mothers […]

Overview Call it Blood cancer or Leukemia, these are the one and same term, which is regarded as a lethal disease hampering the overall functioning of infection fighting cells found in our body. It is a form of blood cancer, which starts inside the bone marrow usually notices inside the soft tissues of the bones. […]

Mind & Body and Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelets

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The influence that breast cancer has made on our society has been significant, and lots of people continue in their campaigns to raise awareness for the illness. You may have offered your own support by paying for and wearing a breast cancer bracelet, yet you may not realize the volunteer opportunity that a simple piece […]

Natural Pneumonia Treatment – Part 1

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Pneumonia is a serious infection of the lungs that can be caused by any of a number of different infectious agents, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and mycoplasma. The infection causes tiny air sacs in the lung area to become inflamed and filled with mucus and pus, inhibiting oxygen from reaching the blood. Lobar pneumonia […]

5 Things You Can Do To Prevent Lung Cancer

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Lung cancer is a form that is quite difficult to treat. Simply put lung cancer is the cancer affecting the lung tissues making it difficult for exchange of gases in the respiratory system. It is very elusive and hence difficult to diagnose. The symptoms are not out of the ordinary and hence can mislead the […]

Abdominal hysterectomy is a surgical procedure performed to remove the uterus through an incision on the lower abdomen. The cervix, ovaries, and fallopian tubes may also be removed if the patient’s condition calls for it. Though a woman may still engage herself in sexual activity after the surgery, he will no longer have menstrual period […]